Credit repurchase: finance works

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If the repurchase of credit has become a real alternative for the indebted civil servants wishing to reduce their debt ratio or reduce their monthly payments. Can we request the financing of works within the framework of this banking operation?

Granted by a credit institution or a bank, the affected credit is granted to finance the purchase of goods or services, determined at the time of signing. Affected credit can be a good solution to optimize your purchasing power. 


Official loan repurchase: how to obtain additional financing?

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As a reminder, credit consolidation is a banking operation that allows a borrower to combine all of its outstanding amounts in order to obtain a single credit and a single monthly payment revised downwards. The amount of this monthly payment is calculated according to the financial situation of the borrower.

In other words, its new deadlines are adapted to its real repayment capacity and its situation (current financial and professional). Namely, in the context of a repurchase of credit, the borrower may seek financing for a service or project under certain conditions.

However, like any socio-professional category, civil servants can also claim a grouping of loans subject to eligibility.

As a result, a borrower from the public service can resort to a grouping of credits and request additional financing to carry out his work.


What are the benefits and conditions?

credit loans

Seek funding for work under a loan redemption may be advantageous for an official borrower since the amount of this financing is included in the new loan. Thus, he will benefit from a single monthly payment and a single contact.

Therefore, the repurchase of credit can allow him to have a more serene and clearer situation with only one maturity adapted to his income.

In addition, even if a civil servant in debt can request the financing of the works within the framework of his repurchase of credit, it should be known that this financing is subjected to certain conditions.

In fact, its amount must imperatively be allocated to the work project and must not exceed a certain threshold.

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