Cheap Building Loans

The dishes should be healthy, tasty and inexpensive. The goods are not exactly cheap, but in the end I am convinced by the technical quality of the pictures and photo books. On the one hand, low interest rates put households at risk, which only construction loans can receive. With the cheap money, the stock exchange reached a record. Secure a long-term building loan on attractive terms.

That’s why buying a house is paying off at the moment.


The interest level is low – so many consumers are considering building a house or buying a holiday apartment. Experts recommend always checking the offers. You should know this about construction loans and where to get cheap loans. Real estate boom: Thanks to traditionally low interest rates, construction financing is cheaper than ever.

This makes buying and building real estate particularly interesting. However, consumer advocates strongly recommend combining different financial offers. Why is it particularly worth building or acquiring a building at the moment? Only the comparison of the different service providers is helpful, although according to the bottom of the foundation the loan offer is currently particularly large. Consumer magazines and daily newspapers also often offer the current interest rates.

In practice, loans for residential houses or condominiums have a term of ten, 20 or 30 years. As a rule, interest rates are only fixed for a limited time horizon of several years. Due to the historical low interest rate, there are currently particularly advantageous follow-up loans. Fixed monthly rates are negotiated on their own. However, construction finance often also entitles to unscheduled repayments, ie repayments in addition to the contractually specified installments.

It can also be agreed that the customer adjusts the tariffs, for example in the event of changes in income. Financial experts consider equity capital of 20 to 30 percentage points of the land price as a good basis. When it comes to top interest rates, however, the institutes often set their own funds at 40 percentage points. KfW offers loans for the purchase of owner-occupied residential property, for energy-efficient construction and renovation or for building suitable for the elderly.

In addition, the federal government pays the housing construction premium of 8.8 percentage points for building savings. The purchase of self-used properties for old-age security by the so-called residential Riester is also subsidized by the state.

Interest rate for construction funds

Interest rate for construction funds

The interest rate for construction funds will remain at an all-time low in 2019 – but no one can say for sure how long it will take. Builders should therefore protect the current minizen as long as possible. Due to the low interest rate level, real estate financing is currently particularly cheap. But the large amounts of money that have been put into the fund market to save weakening dollar countries indicate that interest rates will no longer remain at a low interest rate level for long.

You as the builder should act now and secure a long-term home loan on favorable terms. Building owners, whose ten-year fixed interest period is now coming to an end, often paid more than 4? and more than 4? for a ten year fixed rate period. Follow-up loans to refinance the remaining debt are of course much cheaper today. You can invest the interest savings in a higher repayment so that the home loan will pay off quickly.

Experts advise that the advantageous interest rates should be fixed for as long as possible. With a term loan, you can also secure low interest rates for future real estate projects. In this case, it is possible to lower interest rates. Take advantage of the current low interest rates, get advice from your financial specialist and find a particularly cheap mortgage.

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